1953, Locronan.

1926, Locronan.
Yves Tanguy World
A new concept

Yves Tanguy World is not only located in Locronan, in the family house, but in every significant places where the painter and his wife lived. Locronan is the main entry point to his imaginary universe and his house the spring from which he drew part of his inspiration.

The museum complex being built in the family house will present letters, photographs and early works of his youth as well as reproductions of his major works. To have a better understanding of the genesis of his work, they will be presented within his familiesí surroundings and the social and cultural atmosphere of the beginning of the 20th century. Under the direction of an international board of scholars, clues, hints, analyses and explanations will provide an understanding of his influence on the Art of the 20th century.