1953, Locronan.

Yves Tanguy World

We wish to thank the city council of Locronan, the Council General of the Finistère Department, the Brittany Region and the DRAC for their active support.

We publish a few words written by Pierre Maille, President of the Council General of the Finistère Department and of Josselin de Rohan former President of the Brittany Region.
(Read M. Pierre Maille's text in pdf Format)
(Read M. Josselin de Rohan's text in pdf Format)

We also thank the private partners of Yves Tanguy World. We provide a short description of their activities and a link to their corporate website. Their contribution is essential into providing a showcase to contemporary artists whose works will benefit from being shown in Yves Tanguy World, in Locronan, Paris, New York or Woodbury or in any other location linked to Yves or Kay.