Young Kay.

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Kay Sage-Tanguy

Born in Albany in upstate New York to an East Coast upper class family, Kay Sage very early showed great artistic talents as a painter and poet.

After a bumpy youth spent in Europe and the USA, a first unhappy marriage to an Italian prince, she met Yves in Europe just before WW IIand convinced him to join her in New York. Yves then began to receive recognition of his work. The couple settled in Woodbury, Connecticut where each one had their own studio. Badly affected by the sudden death of Yves in 1955, Kay went blind, little by little, but nevertheless did finish the Complete Catalogue of Yves’ work before committing suicide in 1963.

“Two ducks and I”, written in French, is a good example of Kay’s poetry. The photograph of Kay in her teens is the one that Yves always carried with him.