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How To Create A Healthy Home

Having a healthy home is essential for the quality of life of any of its inhabitants, as it is directly related to the mental and physical health of each of them. In this article we are going to point out some points that you should take care of and we give you some tips to achieve it.

Improve Air Quality

Air is fundamental to our lives, and yet few people still take care of the air in their home. For example, did you know that there are studies that affirm that inside a house there may be more pollution than outside it? At home you can breathe in a concentrated way and without realizing toxic compounds such as POPs, BPA, VOCs, PFCs, mites, bacteria, toxic waste, among others. In this situation, one of the options that you have available are air purifiers that clean and filter the air, which reduces the possibility of developing allergies and health problems.

It is essential and essential to ventilate the home every day, especially the bedroom and bed, which will mean that the air circulates to make it cleaner. For the same reason, it is important to use an extractor hood in the kitchen, since it extracts smoke, odors, air vapor, among others, which makes it easier for the air to be in better condition. The bathrooms with windows are great, and if the installation of mechanical ventilation is not recommended, it is not only about odors, but also humidity and condensation.

Did you know that mold and humidity can directly affect health? Those who live in homes with high humidity are much more likely to get sick and almost twice as likely to have asthma. In these situations, you have to bet on a dehumidifier, which in a matter of a few minutes will considerably reduce the amount of humidity in the room.

On the other hand, dry places or when the environment dries up due to the use of air conditioning, we find sensations such as recurrent snot, watery eyes, itchy throat … All this has to do with the lack of humidity in the room and that causes the mucous membranes to be dry. The way to counteract this is to opt for a steam humidifier that creates just enough humidity so that you can have healthy and humid air in your home again.

Boost Natural Light

Having a home that has natural light is essential for health, we need the sun more than we could imagine for our mental health. For example, it improves cognitive functions, improves mood (we have all experienced the effect of spring), reduces apathy, promotes the production of serotonin and the feeling of well-being, among many other benefits.

In turn, natural light sets the circadian rhythms of activity and sleep, strengthens the immune system so important to be physically healthy, offers a greater sense of well-being.

As for its effect in the house, it helps in the elimination of bacteria, fungi, mites, humidity, among others, being a great ally for the hygiene of your home.

Choose Good Sound Insulation

On this occasion, I am not going to refer to thermal insulation if I am not going to stress the importance of good acoustic insulation. Sometimes we get used to things so quickly that we do not realize the amount of noise pollution we suffer daily until we leave our home and move to other quieter areas.

It is essential and essential to have good insulation (windows, doors) that allow us to reduce the amount of noise to which we are exposed, as it directly affects the mental and physical health of the individual.

At the same time, when choosing appliances and electronic devices at home, bet on those that offer a good job but without so much noise. In the short to medium term, you will realize that you suffer less migraines, less physical tension, better mood, etc.

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