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5 Tips On How To Evaluate The Best Network Marketing Company


Here are some tips that you can use when determining the best network marketing company.

In over a decade online I have had some interesting experiences. Companies shut down, pay plans changed and my income dropping overnight, and outright scams. So in all that time, what do I now look at to determine the best network marketing company?

Here goes:

The Company

Here are a few questions to ask when evaluating the best network marketing company:

  • What does the company have to offer?
  • Is there leadership established?
  • What is their track record?

If it is a new company, you will need to fall back on the experience of the owners, etc. I have been involved in both new launches and with experienced companies. It will come down to management. What is the background of the management team, company, and training, etc.

Compensation Plan

There are so many different types of compensation models when it comes to choosing the best network marketing company. They each include, retail, residual, fast start, rank bonuses, etc.

Here are few examples:

Matrix: Only so many people on each level. Example, a 3 by 9 force matrix means you can only have 3 people on your first level, 9 on your second, and so on.

Binary: Two in each leg. Essentially, you only have two people on your front line. Usually, your sponsoring will be building half of your business and you build the other half (this differs by company).

Research and decide which compensation plan fits your goals. Each one is different and the pay-outs vary. I was involved in a program that changed their compensation plan and from one month to the next lost thousands. You could ask the last time the payment plan was changed.


You need to have a passion for the product. Is it physical or digital product? Just make sure there is a product. I participate in two companies, once is a physical product, the other is digital. Make sure you love the product. Don’t get involved just because of the money. This happens too often. People are intrigued by the money and join…only later do they realize the products are garbage.


Although not as key, this does play a role. A business always comes down to you and it is your business. The team can be important though when you’re frustrated, they will be there to motivate you. When you have a question, they will be there to answer it. You need to work your business!

I hope this helps in your journey to find the best network marketing company for you!

Yvestan Guy