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7 Remodels You Can Do At Home Without Spending A Lot

If you are tired of seeing the rooms in your house, you can always do some remodeling at home without spending a lot of money. Here are seven options to give you a change on a budget.

1. Add Plants To The Decoration

Plants can give a much cooler atmosphere to your living room or bedroom.

Look for indoor plants that don’t require a lot of sun and that you can water regularly. In the nurseries they can guide you on the care you should have with them.

Also check that the pots do not have leaks or can let water pass, so that they do not damage other furniture, the floor or the carpet where you place them.

2. Decorate With Vinyl

For both the children’s room and the living room, vinyl is a quick way to give new life to the walls, you can create complete landscapes or just decorate a part.

In specialized stores you can find several designs or you can take yours to make them much more personalized.

3. Change Curtains And Cushions

Sometimes small changes can be very significant. If you know how to sew, a good option is to change the cushions and curtains. Look for fabrics that blend with the furniture and create contrasts.

If you are not given the sewing, you can choose to buy the fabric and have the work done in the same store, in some places even the clothing is not charged.

4. Paint Yourself

The material for painting such as brushes, rollers, spatulas and trays is not that expensive and you can even buy it in the supermarket, or, in the same place where you buy the paint.

On the amount of paint you need they can guide you in the same store, you only need to have the measurement of the walls that you are going to paint.

Choose colors that suit the furniture you have and try to use light colors so that the room has more light.

Use all your creativity , you can paint a single wall that contrasts with the others and helps you create greater depth, or even combine colors with the ceiling.

5. Series Of Lights

Take advantage of the series of lights to illuminate environments. This is a very youthful option that will give life to your children’s rooms.

Look for LED series that consume less electrical energy and arrange them on the headboards of the beds to function as lamps, another option is to make an illuminated corner, to play or read.

6. Renovate The Furniture Yourself

From wooden furniture, such as tables, bookcases or dressers, which you can breathe new life into with a different color or a new coat of paint, to kitchen shelves.

For this you only need sandpaper, brushes and paint. You can buy everything in specialized paint stores.

Try to work in well-ventilated, lighted, and dry areas for the best results.

7. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are easy to install and will give your walls another look, you can use them to accommodate your plants, ornaments or even some books.

You can buy them in stores specialized in home improvement items and you only need a drill and a level, so that they are perfectly horizontal.

Keep in mind that any remodeling or maintenance that you give to your house , prevents the natural deterioration of the properties and increases its value if you decide to sell it one day.

It also helps you create a nurturing and well-being environment for you and your family to enjoy.

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