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How To Clean The Inside Of The Toilet

Despite the fact that the bathroom is one of the most used areas, the reality is that many people are lazy when it comes to cleaning this space! what to say about the toilet! It is considered a thankless task, for all that it represents, but we are going to tell you reasons to clean it and how to do it in record time without losing excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toilet Cleaning

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is real that it is one of the areas with the most pathogens in the house, and not to mention the bathroom itself, but I think you will be surprised to know that most of the bacteria it has – which are many – they are not pathogenic for humans. These bacteria are usually of the dermal type but, as there is no zero risk, it is necessary to carry out a correct hygiene of the place. The most frequent pathologies associated with poor hygiene are urinary, respiratory or gastrointestinal infections.

Another of those interesting curiosities that we are told is that the area where you have to be more thorough in cleaning is not inside the toilet, as it is usually washed with water, If you don’t have to pay more attention to the areas where we are in direct skin-to-skin contact (where we sit and the flush button) as well as the lid. Have you ever stopped to think that it is the button of the cistern where more bacteria accumulate because it is usually pressed without having washed your hands?

Surely you have heard on more than one occasion that you have to wash your hands after going to the bathroom, it is true. It is essential to get into this habit to avoid that if there are any bacteria in these limbs they do not end up in the mouth.

The frequency with which you have to clean the bathroom, according to the experts, would be a minimum of twice a week, one of them with anti-scale and the other with disinfectant . That said, if there are older people at home, young children, or someone with some type of intestinal disease, you should increase the cleaning.

Finally, did you know that with 3 minutes of deep cleaning you could have your toilet great and without enormous efforts?

How To Clean The Inside Of The Toilet?

Yes, it is true that where there is a greater focus of bacteria is on the lid, the two faces of the seat, the bottom edge and the button of the cistern, but you also have to clean the inside of the toilet.

To improve the hygiene of bathroom cleaning, it is recommended that you use gloves of a different color to wash the toilet, just as it is recommended to use different cloths and brushes for the exterior and interior of the toilet to avoid spreading bacteria. Once used, it is recommended to wash them with bleach to leave them very clean.

Since it is an area where the water falls with dragging force, it is not usually so dirty but there are always exceptions. Use a brush if there is any kind of debris left and remove it mercilessly.

One of the areas that goes unnoticed and that requires special attention is the area where the water comes out, as well as the area where it disappears. They are the most inaccessible but must be included in the cleaning.

Be on the lookout for stains that may appear from deposits of hard mineral water, leaking pipes that are rusty or, my dear ones, they may also appear from lack of cleanliness. It is essential that you bear in mind that this type of situation can cause difficult to remove stains on the porcelain of the urinal, which requires attention as soon as you see it.

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