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How To Clean The Iron

Simple steps to leave it impeccable with products that you have at home. Keeping the iron clean, in the area that comes into contact with the clothes, is important to achieve a good ironing and avoid stains or damage to the garments.

Many times, when ironing, the rest of the paint from a T-shirt or other particles remain stuck. With the heat they melt, then you iron a shirt and! ZIKES!!! they leave a mark you didn’t expect.

Generally, you realize when ironing that the iron does not slide the same or that it has left a stain when you have something stuck. The residues that remain stuck can come from paint residues from a shirt, fibers that have been stuck, or dust particles. The important thing is that you can leave your iron as new with a few simple steps with ecological products that you surely have at home.

Trick With Soap

It is done with the iron cold and unplugged. This trick is effective but delicate with the base of the iron

In a container, mix 200 cl hot water and grate with a grater a little bar of soap (of the Lagarto type or any bar soap you have at home). Like two tablespoons of grated soap.

Then moisten a cloth in the mixture and rub the sole of the iron several times. You will see how you get to drag the glued particles and the sole is like new.

Trick With Ash

If you have a fireplace, they serve you the remains of ash, they also serve the remains of tobacco ash. It is done with the iron cold and unplugged. This tip is for stubborn dirt even though it won’t scratch the plate.

You need. A handful of ash, a cotton cloth, warm water and kitchen paper.

The cloth is slightly moistened with ashes and gently passes over the sole of the iron, you do it several times until the remains are removed. This trick is quite effective and is a good way to recycle fireplace ash.

Once you have removed the particles from the iron, moisten the clean cloth and pass it over the sole to remove any remaining ash. Then we pass the sole through kitchen paper to check it is white and there is no ash residue. It is convenient before ironing to pass the soleplate of the iron through kitchen paper again.

Trick With Vinegar And Salt

This trick is especially for dirt that is difficult to remove since it is a bit more abrasive, you have to apply it in the area where you have the dirt stuck and let it act without rubbing. It is done with the iron cold and unplugged.

You need a container where you will put two tablespoons of salt and half a glass of white vinegar. Mix well and place with a spoon where the griddle has particles stuck to it. Let it act for at least 15 minutes. Then with a cotton cloth without rubbing hard, the remains are eliminated. When you have removed everything, wipe the cloth soaked in vinegar over the entire surface of the iron.


When you iron t-shirts with drawings, always use a thin cotton cloth, or a special net-type cloth for ironing. Many of these drawings in contact with heat fade, so on the one hand the garment can be damaged and on the other your iron will stain. There are some ironing protectors that can be put on the sole of the iron, but a cotton cloth or a cotton net-type fabric will help you put it on the garment and iron it without problems.

Have some kitchen paper or an old cloth on hand, and always before ironing rub the iron with the paper or cloth, this way you can remove particles before the heat covers them on the base of the iron.

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