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Simple Outdoor Christmas Decoration Tips And Tricks

There’s no question: Christmas decorations, especially outdoors, can really help lift our Christmas spirit. Don’t you instantly feel the joy and magic of the Christmas season every time we pass a house with festive Christmas decorations outside?

The Christmas lights become one of the most traditional decorative elements Christmas, not only in our country. In fact, in other countries, such as the United States or the United Kingdom, it is very common for houses to be literally wrapped in outdoor Christmas lights, so that many urbanizations become a perfect Christmas scene for a postcard. .

On many occasions we can take our Christmas decorations from the inside to the outside but keeping something fundamental in mind: we have to take special care with some specific decorative elements, since it may happen that, however, they are not entirely suitable to put them on the outdoor.

A good example is found in the Christmas lights; We must make sure that their labeling clearly specifies that they are lights suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as they will have the necessary protection to avoid unnecessary disturbances. It is also possible that we use some type of decoration that is damaged when we put it outside. A sample can be found in paper or cardboard decorations, which will eventually spoil outside, both with humidity and with rain.

Whether you have a garden or a terrace, the outdoor Christmas decorations are so varied that you can always choose the one you like the most. And we offer you some examples to get the best results. Take note.

Decorate The Front Door

What would a Christmas decoration be outside if we did not decorate the entrance to our house? The ideal is not to overdo it too much, since a simple and simple decoration tends to be more beautiful, than not leaving just one centimeter free of our door.

The most classic, for example, is to hang a wreath in the center of the door and wrap some garlands along the frames, or outer edges of it. And if you want to achieve a much more natural result, why not opt ??for natural crowns made with pine trees, and also use equally natural garlands.

You can also place a Christmas tree decorated with elements that are ideal for outdoor use. Maybe get a medium-sized fir tree (a little larger than the one you use indoors) and decorate it a bit.

Decorate With Christmas Lights (Specific For Outdoors)

There is nothing more beautiful than a house decorated with Christmas lights. But obviously, a house that has been well decorated, avoiding unnecessary excesses.

An interesting option is to choose LED lights, which although initially may be more expensive, there is no doubt that this cost tends to be amortized with their use, since they last 20 times longer than incandescent lights (the traditional ones in short), they allow a interesting savings in the electricity bill, and also stand out for being much safer, since they do not heat up.

On the other hand, we cannot forget something important: both the cable and the extensions that you use outside must be suitable for use outdoors. It is absolutely not recommended to use cables that are only made for indoor use.

And don’t forget something just as fundamental: all electrical decorations that are placed outside must be connected to a circuit breaker to ground. The best? You can choose a portable one, or ask an electrician to install a permanent point, which you can use not only during future Christmas, but ultimately for the rest of the year.

Do You Have A Garden? Dress The Pots Too

If you have a garden, regardless of its size, a good option is to try to surround the pots with a little Christmas light, or to use some type of Christmas decoration made for outdoor use.

And if instead of a garden you have a terrace or a balcony, another useful option is to decorate the railing with Christmas lights and some decoration. Natural garlands, for example, are a beautiful and wonderful option.

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