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What to Consider When Choosing Security Doors for home

What to Consider When Choosing Security Doors for home

Keeping our home safe should always be a high priority. We need it to sleep well at night and feel calm when we have to leave home. For this reason, it is essential to have the best tools that manage to prevent the entry of external people who may cause damage to our person or property.

The great news is that you have a huge array of options today whenever searching for a security door one of the options that have become very popular is the one known as exterior security screen doors , and the main reason for that is because these are very easy to use while at the same time very resistant.

What are security doors?

Security doors are structures typically made of very resistant materials and include a variety of interior locks that are activated when closed.

This type of door presents an excellent option for anyone looking to prevent burglaries from being carried out in their home, since by representing a more complex obstacle than conventional doors, it can prevent thieves from choosing to attack our home.

To help us find the security door that best suits our needs, we have prepared a series of points to consider before our purchase, including the benefits of having a security door, the types that exist in the market, how they should be installed and how we can select the most appropriate for our house.

Benefits of security doors

Quality materials

Security doors are typically made of steel, which makes them highly resistant and adaptable to different factors. Thanks to this composition, this type of door provide protection against humidity, cold and heat. In addition, they work as acoustic insulators and are very resistant to corrosion.


Having a high-quality material allows security doors to be more durable over time, since, as we mentioned in the previous point, materials such as steel do not corrode, do not rust and are therefore more resistant to any damage that may occur to their structure. In turn, this material helps security doors maintain a good appearance without the need for constant maintenance.

Unique keys

A great advantage of this type of security lock for exterior doors is that, unlike conventional access, they have keys that are unique to said lock, which means that any attempt to open the door with a duplicate key will be useless. In this way, we can ensure that only those who have one of the keys included with the door at the time of installation can access it.

Reinforced door latch

In addition to the keys, the security doors are internally reinforced with a series of steel bolts that are activated when the door is closed. This characteristic, combined with the increased thickness of this type of door, contributes to creating an access barrier that will remain impenetrable against any attempt to enter where force is used.

Added value to housing

Changing the access to our house for a security door will increase its value when wanting to sell or rent it in the future, since the element of security is highly prioritized by all people when choosing where to live. In this way, it is possible to see the installation of a security door as a long-term investment.

Less chance of theft

Without a doubt, one of the most important benefits is that these types of security locks for exterior doors are difficult to penetrate, so anyone who tries to enter by force will have to spend a lot of time trying and will surely generate a lot of noise, giving enough opportunity for someone to notice what is going on. Chances are, if a thief is faced with such a limitation, he will avoid even attempting to get into our home.

Types of security doors

Although there is a wide variety of types of security doors today, they can be classified into two main categories: armored doors and digital door lock.

Armored doors

Armored security doors are structures made of steel and then covered with a sheet of wood designed to give them a better look. Likewise, this type of door is made up of a frame and pre-frame, also made of steel. In addition, they have multiple internal bolts that contribute to creating a very resistant door lock.

The digital door lock option

Among the options that exist for security doors, an alternative that may seem convenient is to opt for doors that include digital locks.

Digital locks allow us to dispense with keys, giving the possibility of opening and closing our door with secret codes, magnetic cards, fingerprints or through an app.

These alternatives are advantageous as they feature custom login methods, meaning that no one can log in without us providing them with the necessary information.

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