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Why Is It Better To Sweat A Lot When You Train

What most people know is that sweat is our body’s natural air conditioner, especially during a workout, intense physical activity, or even a stressful situation. But did you know that there are two types of sweat glands? Fortunately! Otherwise, we should put deodorant (without aluminum!) All over the body.

What Is Sweat?

Let’s start with the basics first. What is sweat?

The sweat…
… It is basically made up of water (H20) and salt (Na +). That is why hydrating well is extremely important , so that the body has the means to refresh itself.

If you do a workout while dehydrated — meaning you haven’t had enough to drink beforehand — your body won’t be able to cool down and regulate temperature properly. The same in terms of regaining hydration after an intense workout. If you do not compensate for the loss of sweat with a good fluid intake, especially in the case of those who do intense physical activities, you can enter a state of hypohydration as well as an increase in body temperature. Remember that sweat is water and salt, so you will have to hydrate well with water, but also with homemade electrolyte drinks or incorporating a little salt (preferably Himalayan salt) in your meals.

The Two Types Of Sweat Glands

Eccrine and apocrine are the two types of sweat glands in the body.

The eccrine glands are responsible for cooling the body when the temperature increases. They are found throughout the body and are a direct opening on the surface of the skin, which allows sweat to evaporate causing cooling .
The apocrine glands on the other hand are found under the arms and in the groin area, areas where hair follicles are normally concentrated. These sweat glands also work when the body temperature rises, but above all they are activated in situations of stress, anxiety and hormonal fluctuations. This sweat is more milky and mixes with batteries on the skin, creating that unpleasant odor .

Sport: Is It True That If You Sweat More It Means That You Are Training Harder?

Yes and no. Because the amount of sweat also depends on your weight, gender, fitness level, age, climate, and even your genetics . An overweight person will sweat more easily because the amount of energy needed to perform an activity is greater. Also, a fit person who trains regularly starts to sweat more quickly than a person who is not so fit because the body is smarter and is already prepared to sweat and cool down during training.

How To Sweat Properly:

1. Drink Enough

Many people have chronic dehydration! Make sure you drink enough water every day.
And by the way, you should drink water even if you are not thirsty! The feeling of thirst is a wake-up call when the body needs water, but it is not an initial signal.

2. Remove Makeup Before

If you know that you are going to sweat, remove any traces of makeup or creams that you have put on throughout the day. Why? They clog pores and prevent the body from cooling down as it should.

Clogged pores (especially on the face) when playing sports can also cause irritation. Wash before training if you have time.

3. Wear Appropriate Workout Clothes

The main factor to consider when choosing clothing for training is breathability. You will be better off training with materials that are breathable.

The Million Dollar Question: Am I Sweating Too Much?

If you think you are sweating too much, especially during outdoor workouts and stressful situations, you may need to see a doctor to check for hyperhidrosis. For people who suffer from it, sweat interferes with their daily activities: they have sweat on the palms of their hands to the point of being unable to open a door or soaking in sweat during any physical activity. But you shouldn’t be ashamed if this is your case. It happens to a lot of people! Almost 5% of the world’s population suffers from this disease.

So now you know, the amount of sweat not only depends on the intensity of your training, it also depends on other factors. If you provide the right conditions for the body to sweat in a healthy way, it can cool down efficiently and there will be nothing to separate you from training in the summer.

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